Why yes, I do accept commissions and am happy to work with you on the perfect graphic for your business, event, nonprofit or a special gift. Do you have a project in mind? Let’s get to work!

Recently I have worked with Kakawa Chocolate House, in Salem Mass. and the Gloucester Dog Park, in Gloucester, Mass.

Enjoy a small selection of images below and keep scrolling for answers to FAQ’s.



What is the pricing of your work?

If you would like to purchase any pieces from my website, please email me an inquiry and I can give you the pricing and shipping costs. 

What is your pricing for commissions? 

Every piece is unique, so the price of commissioned works varies greatly. Pricing is influenced by size, intricacy, quantity of antlers, etc. Feel free to share your idea, and we can negotiate an appropriate cost!

Do you take requests?

I take requests that you are willing to pay for in full.

Do offer free commissions for exposure?

I can’t pay rent with exposure, so no. 

Do I get to offer feedback during the process?

Of course! Particularly in the sketch stages where edits are easier to implement because one does not simply edit watercolor. 

Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?

Oh, I am most definitely interested. Step into my email office and we can discuss business. 

How does payment work for commissions/do you offer payment plans?

Most definitely. During the consultation we will discuss the overall price of the piece. Typically I take 50% payment at the beginning, but if you need to pay in a series of installments, we can explore our options.

What is the turnaround time for commissions?

When we discuss your order, we can negotiate any specific timelines you may have, and set a timeline for delivery that works with both of our schedules. 

What are your shipping methods/ranges?

I will ship to anywhere in the world! Price of shipping/insurance will be added onto the base fee though, so my apologies to anyone living in the Arctic Circle. 

Can I use your work on my website/project?

Please email me requesting permission for what you would like to use, and what the nature of said use will be, because I need to keep track of where my brush spawn is headed. Also, it is important that wherever my work goes, that I get credit for it because this is my living.

Do you design custom logos/site specific pieces?

If digital art is the tree that I am supposed to climb, then I am a fish. That said, I am open to designing for you/your business in the familiar waters of my hand made images, which can always be scanned and sized to fit your needs.